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Slip ring transmission defective? The opportunity for modernization!

Slip rings and rotary unions remain a good alternative for pure power transmission. They can be optimally supplemented with radio solutions, for example. As a result, power transmission and data communication are then separated, which has a positive effect on the stability of the solution and reduces EMC interference. As a rule, the combination of slip rings for power supply with radio solutions for data communication is also significantly cheaper than slip ring systems that can simultaneously transmit power and Ethernet protocols such as Profinet. This retrofit ensures a gradual modernization of existing slip ring transmissions without high investment hurdles.

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Flexibly adaptable production systems, multi-axis robot systems and decentralized machines place high demands on signal and data transmission. Wired solutions reach their limits when moving or rotating parts as well as mobile systems need to be integrated via PROFIBUS, PROFINET, PROFIsafe and other fieldbus protocols. Absolute reliability is required here, as is a long service life and freedom from maintenance in wireless communication. Only a secure connection between controls and IO modules ensures long-term availability of machines and systems without downtime.

Alternative technologies to cables have been established that enable wireless connection and communication of machines and systems.

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Modern production systems work with mobile robots or other moving components. They can be adapted flexibly and agilely to new products and requirements, thus enabling optimized processes and maximum cost-effectiveness. Wireless communication has long since established itself as a better alternative to cables for data communication in such machines and systems. In the technology comparison of data light barriers and intelligent data radio, we show what advantages and disadvantages these two wireless technologies offer for Profinet data transmissions.

At a glance: Data light barriers and intelligent data radio for Profibus data transmission in comparison

Optical data transmission

graphic technology comparison optical data transmission

Intelligent data radio


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