DE3732 Compact – network / ProfiSafe

DATAEAGLE Compact 3732A Master / Slave – network / ProfiSafe
Wireless PROFIBUS – Plug & Play
max. PROFIBUS DP transmissoin rate: 1.5 Mbit/s

Customer friendly, fully automatic Frequency Hopping technology. In most / many countries licence and fee-free!

  • Typical range: 100m (Indoor) / 300m (Outdoor) line of sight
  • max. amount of DP Slaves: 8 (complete network!)
  • max. Amount radio slaves: 4
  • integrierted PROFIBUS diagnostic-slave: jes
  • Bus interface: Sub-D9
  • ProfiSafe: yes
  • Power supply: 24V DC
  • Installation: DIN-rail
  • Frequency: 2,4 GHz Bluetooth, 100mW (EIRP)
  • Protection: IP 20

    Patent on the filter-technologie, etc. – Test The Difference!

    (Antennas not included in the standard-delivery scope)

    All radio-slaves have to be aktiv / switched on in the network!

Download produkt overview DE3xxx

Dataeagle systems for Profibus, Profinet, ProfiSafe, OpenSafety include a patent technology for max. stability of the communication, availability and safety. More information pls. find here:

wireless 101

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