Radar Anti-Collision-System CRAT20-11/11ST 40m

RadarRanger CRAT 11/11 ST
Radar Sensor for fix and moving obstacles. Used for example as Anti-Collision-System for machines


  • Interface: M12
  • Power supply: 24V DC, M12
  • Installation: 4-holes for srews
  • Frequency: 24 GHz
  • Protection: IP 67

Download Product Specification 11/11 ST


Interface RR


RadarRanger are sensors, made in Germany.

Radar Scanner, used for example, as passive Anti-Collision-System, 24 GHz

Systems, which also work sure in case of bad weather like fog, snow, etc. and detect reliable obstacles which reflect radar waves.
Used for example on harbour cranes, industrial cranes, RTGs, RMGs, STS cranes, container handling cranes, straddle carrier and many more applications, also for example construction machines

This FMCW-Radar systems work in the frequency band from 24.000 to 24.250 GHz. The detection area of this sensor / range of this antennas can be configurated acc. to the needs and the goal of the application. The limits can be seen in the data specification. We offer different systems for different angles.


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